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Cloud services

Building server infrastructures in the cloud

Migration of resources from servers to the cloud

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Migration of resources from servers

By moving resources to the cloud, you can freely modify the infrastructure and adjust it to the current demand.

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Dynamic management of cloud resources

Dynamic solutions are possible thanks to services offered by cloud providers, such as Lambda on AWS.

We also use Kubernetes technology to automatically increase/decrease the number of servers in a cluster.

Server monitoring

We will take care of monitoring the operation of the server so that we can respond immediately if problems are detected.

With this approach, it is possible to implement appropriate actions before a threat arises. 

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Infrastructure as a Code

Putting the description of the entire infrastructure in the code allows you to reproduce it by running the code.

Changes to the infrastructure can be made by changing a parameter in the code.

DevOps services

We will create CI/CD pipelines to automate the process of testing changes in code

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About company​

We will design and implement IT solutions depending on your needs. IT solution can be both the configuration of the mail server or domain, as well as the design of the entire infrastructure in the cloud.